Abigail Cabot

Orphan girl


A very young girl with dark hair and bright green eyes.


Abigail is a young orphan in the village of Sorin. She was found in the ruins of a merchant wagon, with no sign of her parents save large splatters of blood. As an infant, she was brought into the safety of the walls and taken to a nursemaid within the temple of Celestine.

Now thirteen she has begun to show signs of peculiar behavior that have grown worrisome to many citizens of Sorin. She seems poorly equipped to deal with proper social situations, despite constant schooling by her adoptive mother, one of the priestesses in the temple. She seems more concerned with playing with and feeding the crows and rats that plague the rougher areas of Sorin. In addition, whispers from gate guards suggest that they have seen her small form creeping over the walls late at night heading in the direction of Grimstone Peak, though attempts to supervise her comings and goings have shown nothing unusual.

Abigail Cabot

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