Josiah Pearl

Sheriff of Sorin


A middle aged man who carries an air of confidence bordering on arrogance.


Josiah Pearl was born and raised in the village of Sorin. His father was sheriff, and he inherited the title upon his father’s death. He is fanatically devoted to the protection of Sorin and its people, some whisper to the point of paranoia. At the age of 35 he met a priestess of Celestine and was swayed by her words. He helped her to found a temple near the center of Sorin, becoming the first convert in the village. Since that day he has been a steadfast believer in Celestine’s power, applying the same zeal to that as he does to all things he holds important. He is never seen without his most valued possessions, a musket he inherited from his father (a weapon he is lethally accurate with) and a small silver brooch in the likeness of a crescent moon, the symbol of Celestine’s revival in Tora-Keyr.

The people of Sorin trust him for his firm protection and steady aim, but they also fear him. He is prone to famously brutal rages, and rumors of more salacious appetites linger just below the surface of any conversation concerning him.

Josiah Pearl

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